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Our award-winning media department can support your church in a number of ways.

Media Training

With extensive experience in running media training worldwide, Reach Beyond’s media department offers a variety of short courses covering topics such as: sharing faith in the media, the do’s and don’ts of interviews, and how to write a press release which will get noticed. With previous training given to groups such as the Church of England, Christians Against Poverty and Welcome Churches, our support can help prepare your church or Christian organisation to share the good news in an ever-changing communications landscape.


Does your church want to impact your local area with creative programmes that engage with faith topics? Do you have opportunities on local radio or media that you would like to use creatively to be missional? Reach Beyond specialise in creating media that is thought-provoking, relevant and entertaining, without being cheesy or preachy. We would love to partner with you in whatever opportunity you have to maximise your exposure and engagement. Our in-house team can help you navigate the different types of media, connect you with local commercial, BBC or community radio stations, and help you explore media advertising opportunities for your church.

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