Noi - from Suicide to Salvation

The contrast between spiritual light and spiritual darkness is quite stark in Thailand and many other parts of Asia.  For more than 100 years missionaries have been working in this predominantly Buddhist country with little fruit.  Suicide, sex trafficking and hopelessness are more prevalent than ever.

But now, radio and modern communications are multiplying the work of missionaries many times over.  In fact, Reach Beyond is driving an initiative to blanket Thailand with as many as 200 Christian stations by 2020.

One of the stations, north of Chiang Mai, is run by a pastor and a team of volunteers.  A woman who was financially destitute and spiritually desperate called the pastor who was broadcasting at the time.  “I’m going to hang myself,” she said.  “This is where you can find my body tomorrow.”

But God had other plans.

The pastor asked her to come to the station so he could share the love of Jesus with her, and she did.  Believing that what he shared was true, this precious woman gave her life to Christ.  Several months later, our trainer went back to the same village.  To her delight, she visited the pastor’s church, and there was the woman, with a smile on her face and joy in her heart.  She literally passed from death to life because God spoke to her through the local station.

That’s the difference that radio is making in this challenging part of the world.  But it only happens as people like you give so that others can hear.  Please join us today in reaching the unreached and with the life-changing message of Christ.

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