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Reach more people like Omari with the gospel

Every evening while sitting in his garden, Omari turns his radio on. 

And he waits to hear the next part of the Jesus story – a story that has gripped his imagination and his heart. 

Omari has never met the people who tell the story of Jesus, but he feels like he knows them and he loves to listen to them. 

You have an amazing opportunity today to reach more people like Omari with the gospel. 

As you might already know, radio is a lifeline for people across Africa. 

Radio brings people together. They listen to the news, sports events, and other programmes of local interest. 

But best of all, most mobile phones in Africa have a built-in FM radio. This means that radio can be a very effective evangelistic tool. 

People can listen to God’s Word in places where being a Christian can lead to persecution and suffering. 

By broadcasting the message of God’s love, we can reach countless people in remote areas. Even in places where missionaries are not welcome. 

Will you enable more people like Omari to hear the story of Jesus by giving £15 to Reach Beyond today? 

  • £15 can provide a three-hour training session to new Christian broadcasters on how to create strong content for gospel impact.
  • £30 can ensure that radio teams receive vital training on scripting, income generation, and effective social media engagement.
  • £60 or more can go a long way towards providing much-needed items like microphones and mixing desks for new local community stations in Africa.

Together we can proclaim the good news of Jesus in hard-to-reach places across Africa.

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