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Every mission organisation has requirements for career service, and most expect you to have all of the skills needed before you arrive at your place of service. Our FAST TRACK programme helps alleviate this obstacle. If you sense that God is leading you to serve among unreached people and you already have some basic skills, we would like to invite you to join FAST TRACK. Come as a willing learner - we’ll give you the skills, the coaching, and the practice you need to thrive in career missions.

FAST TRACK, currently offered as a community development programme, begins with three months of training in Spain. We’ll mentor you and provide you with training in theology, missiology, cross cultural issues, community development and leadership development. Once you complete this initial training, we will deploy you as small teams into unreached areas, while we continue to teach and mentor you, helping you to grow in your skills and faith.

When you complete this two year programme (or ask us about our 1 year option), you’ll be prepared to go to the field long term. In fact, once you successfully complete this programme, you’ll be considered for immediate career missionary appointment.

Our next programme launches January 2020.

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