Will you help save more lives through radio and halt the spread of the coronavirus?

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic the task of reaching the unreached with the message of God’s love and vital healthcare information is more urgent than ever!

If you share this sense of urgency for impacting countless lives, will you help our workers to weather the storm of Covid-19 by donating £20 to Reach Beyond?

The bad news is that the coronavirus is rapidly spreading to many countries where Reach Beyond workers and mission partners serve.  Many of these communities struggle with poverty. They do not have good medical and health facilities.

For example, as you know, in the current situation hand washing and social distancing are vital for halting the spread of the coronavirus. 

Sadly, many children and adults in poor communities don’t have the basic knowledge of hygiene practices. They are not aware about social distancing. And, they do not know about a God who loves them and cares for them.

But there is good news.

Our workers and radio ministry partners are gearing up to produce and broadcast more radio programmes that can save lives.

By giving £20 or more today, you can play a key role in halting the spread of Covid-19 in places where this disease could cause appalling losses.  

With your help, they can take the messages of God’s love and the vital information on how to halt the spread of Covid-19 to many unreached peoples worldwide.

Thank you for helping to save countless lives.



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By giving £10 a month or more, you can give a destitute grandmother in Thailand a chance to hear messages of comfort and hope through our radio ministries. You can help a tribal community in the Amazon to learn beneficial farming techniques which will help transform their communities. You can support a mission worker in a ‘closed’ country serving as a doctor, bringing positive change to local health systems, and so much more.

Not a day will go by that your influence will not be felt, as you, along with our workers and partners become the voice + hands of Jesus to some of the most unreached people on the planet. 

(If you would like to give directly to a particular missionary or project, please contact us on: 01274 721810)

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