Are you someone who just can’t wait for the next ultimate challenge? Are you a spreadsheet-planning guru? A chatterbox networker? Or maybe you just love a good cup of tea and a nice piece of cake with friends. Whatever your skills or interests, there is a place just for you in our fundraising team!

As a family of supporters, missionaries and staff, we are passionate about stepping out of our comfort zones and using our skills to help bring Jesus to those who need Him the most. And, at the heart of our work comes fundraising. It’s the enabling factor to the future of this life-transforming work that we carry out in His name.

By being an advocate for Reach Beyond through a sponsored physical challenge or fundraising event, you can help us raise vital funds and spread the word about our work.

Join the fundraising team by filling out the form below. We’ll get in touch to help resource and equip you for the journey – we’ve got it all covered so that you can focus on the challenge ahead.

So come on team, let’s dust off our running shoes, oil our bikes, bake, make or sew, and see what goals we can reach when we go beyond our comfort zones!

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