Worldwide: Sub-Saharan Africa

Reach Beyond plays a strategic role in this vast, highly diverse region which is home to more than 3,500 ethno-linguistic groups and faces immense challenges such as poverty, civil wars and AIDS. Our team collaborates with local African believers to develop community FM radio stations. We have worked with local partners to put more than 75 local radio outlets on the air in 29 countries since 1990, mostly in communities where people have not heard the good news of salvation. Our personnel train radio workers in technical and programme production areas. In addition, staff members help install clean water projects and conduct sanitation and hygiene training.

Sub-Saharan Africa statistics

987 million

Religious breakdown:
Christian 63% (17.4% evangelical); Muslim 30%; folk religions 3%; other 4%

People groups:
3,529 (840 unreached - 24%)

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