Worldwide: Europe / Eurasia

Reach Beyond has a growing impact in this highly diverse geographic region of the world, stretching from Portugal in the west to maritime Russia in the east.

Ministries include radio planting - working with partners to put more than 80 local outlets on the air in 24 countries since 1990 - along with international and local broadcasting, programme production and training. Reach Beyond helps equip local Christ-followers to produce radio programmes, web pages and social media content, engaging those far from God and discipling isolated believers. Opportunities for healthcare ministries are also opening up in Central Asia, where we have sent medical teams in recent years. We also continue to work with partners to launch permanent clinics and implement clean water projects.

Assel was devastated. She'd done all she could to raise her five children while her husband worked abroad. Sometimes he sent her money, but it was never enough, so she and the children grew and sold vegetables to supplement the funds he sent.

One day she received a ‘gift’ from her husband – an old mobile phone with a note that said, “I’m leaving you and the kids because I’ve found another wife. I don’t want to see you anymore. You must learn how to earn money and raise the kids yourself.”

Assel saw suicide as her only way out. “There was nothing left for me to do in this life,” she lamented, praying that Allah would forgive her for what she was about to do. Waiting for her children to fall asleep, she pulled out that mobile phone and came across a Christian radio programme. “I heard the voice of someone praying for families and kids,” she shared. “As I started to pray with that voice, I felt an inner peace, a kind of confidence that all would be okay. I began to understand God’s love... just what we needed to survive.”

Europe / Eurasia statistics

1.0 billion

Religious breakdown:
Christian 73% (1.8% evangelical); non-religious 18%; Muslim 5%; other 4%

People groups:
2,600 (901 unreached - 35%)

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