Worldwide: Asia Pacific

Partnership is key in this, the world’s most populous region, with 4 billion people and more than 4,000 unreached people groups. It also has the world’s largest populations of Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus.

Reach Beyond is coming alongside national believers who have a vision to spread the gospel via community radio stations and community development initiatives. Reach Beyond’s international broadcast facility in Australia has been broadcasting since 2003, sending the gospel message via shortwave across this region in more than 25 languages.

Radio training is also important with several events held each year, especially in Indonesia with over 50 partner stations, offering both basic and advanced courses for station personnel.

Asia Pacific statistics

4.0 billion

Religious breakdown:
Muslim 25%; Hindu 22%; non-religious 19%; Buddhist 11%; Christian 9% (3.6% evangelical); other 14% People groups: 7,366 (4,311 unreached - 59%)

People groups:
7,366 (4,311 unreached - 59%)

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