UK: The English Conversation Project

The English Conversation Project (ECP) helps learners who already have a basic understanding of English, to develop valuable language skills that will empower them in everyday life. For some it will help them into employment and education, for others, it will relieve isolation. For all, it is a welcoming, safe space to learn about different cultures, challenge perceptions, discuss faith and develop diverse friendships.

Learners can interact with the English Conversation Project in three ways:

  1. Accessing content themselves through the website, radio, Facebook, YouTube or mobile app.
  2. Joining a local club based near where they live.
  3. Joining a Skype club with learners from a similar time zone.

English Conversation Project clubs are based around a weekly audio programme written from a Christian perspective. It uses specialised English (fewer words, slower speed, shorter sentences) which helps learners have greater understanding of topics whilst being able to form opinions and share their thoughts. From ‘The Five Love Languages' to ‘The Japanese Tea Ceremony’, our positive programming consists of a wide range of topics that are interesting and informative to our audience.

Christian volunteers run local and Skype clubs, and are trained and supported by the English Conversation Project office team as they minister to English learners. Each week, learners gather together and listen to the audio programme whilst following a written script. Then, group leaders use prepared conversation starters related to the material shared to develop discussion. These cues provide leaders with natural opportunities for faith discussion and sharing the message of Jesus, even where a programme has no apparent Christian content.

  • We are currently designing a brand new ECP course for UK churches which we hope to launch in the second half of 2020. Watch this space for more news!

I believe ECP...over the past decade has been one of the most miraculous instruments in God’s hands to transform this church...and I believe, on a global scale, English has as much potential as any human instrument in His hands right now.

Church leader

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