The Power of God’s Word and The Blessing of Neighbours with Loudspeakers

When masks overshadow facial expressions and people feel isolated and lonely, words of hope can be a gift.

This story from our partner in Indonesia shows the amazing power of radio and God’s Word. 

With the help of mission minded friends like you, our partner in Indonesia is operating several radio stations that spread words of truth and encouragement. And judging by the many thank you messages they receive from their listeners, their work is bearing fruit for God. 

One listener wrote:

"I've been a loyal listener for 8 years. I enjoy listening while I'm cooking or doing my morning chores. Every day I feel strengthened, especially by your 'Making Life Better' and 'Leading the Way' programmes. 

Sometimes though, I have problems with my radio, so I'm thankful for my neighbour. He plays the station through a loudspeaker every morning so I can still listen and be blessed. And not just me, I know many people are blessed too. 

I pray every day for your team that they will continue to take God’s Word to many people who need to find hope and security at this time. Thank you for your radio programmes!”

These radio stations typically have a potential reach of 70,000 – 100,000 listeners in different parts of Indonesia.

And with the help of faithful listeners who are playing our programmes over loudspeakers every day, the powerful words of the gospel are reaching even bigger audiences!

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