Preparing the soil and planting gospel seeds

Thank you for ‘preparing the soil and planting gospel seeds’ 

One of the amazing things about being a follower of Jesus is realising how God has gifted each of us to serve in His kingdom. This is what Paul is talking about in 1 Corinthians 3:6, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow…” 

Mission work, whether locally or in far flung places is always a team effort. God gives each of us a key role in building His Kingdom.

At Reach Beyond, we focus a lot on preparing the soil, because we want to reach those who are resistant to the good news of Jesus.

We do this because we know that gospel seeds won’t grow in dry and hard ground. They would not grow until the soil has been softened, the rocks have been cleared, and there is someone to water them.

God has given our ministry tools like radio, medicine, and community development which are effective in preparing soil, planting seeds, and giving them water. 

And He has given us faithful prayer partners and supporters like you, whose prayers and gifts enable us to equip our missionaries and local partners to use these tools for reaching their communities with the gospel. 

What’s more, God is in the business of equipping our workers and local partners with skills and abilities to engage with their communities on a heart level. And He is raising up the local church to water and nurture each gospel seed that we plant.

Preparing the soil is not an easy job and we don’t get to see immediate results. The same is true for those who plant and water seeds. 

Often, we don’t even know that we have planted or watered a seed. But God knows, since He places those seeds. And in His perfect timing—the Lord of the Harvest will make things grow.

Thank you so much for all that YOU do in helping prepare the soil, planting the seeds of the gospel, and enabling new believers to grow in their faith.

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