Is Anyone Listening?

Written by: Colin Lowther. Published on 11th March 2019

Voices in the wilderness

“How can I talk to you?” Yusra* asked. She needed to talk to someone, but she didn’t know how. That’s why she contacted an Internet radio station specifically for Arabic-speaking women.

Radio Journey isn’t just a station that Yusra enjoys listening to. It’s a station that listens to her.

Many women like Yusra need to talk. Across North Africa and the Middle East, female listeners often feel cut-off, lonely and oppressed. They yearn for more in life.

Noujoud feels crushed by her mum’s pressure to get married. Lina fears that her boyfriend is lying to her. One listener is even considering suicide. “I just want peace”, said Janeen. Amira is asking how she can know God’s satisfaction with her. Sarah feels the weight of her sin but is unsure who to turn to.

Listening to the voices

Because of the support of people like you, Radio Journey is listening to these ladies. Since Reach Beyond helped the station to launch last September, the follow-up team has been working flat-out. They regularly stay up until 2.00am to respond to listeners’ questions and thoughts online.

Delighted that her voice was now being heard, one lady commented: “I’m happy that you are trying to communicate with us”.

Sharing the story of salvation

A former university lecturer, Salma, contacted Radio Journey online after listening to one of the programmes. “Happiness in my life is almost zero”, she wrote.

“Do you feel that God is content with you?” the team asked her. Salma admitted that she sometimes sinned and often neglected the religious duties of her faith. Radio Journey’s follow-up team shared the story of salvation and God’s redemption of mankind with her.

Salma, like many Radio Journey listeners across the region, is open. But she wants to find out more. And Reach Beyond is listening.

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Together, we can reach more people in 2019 and beyond

In the Bible, listening is never passive. It is both hearing and doing. At Reach Beyond, we use our voice through media projects like Radio Journey to connect with our listeners and share the good news. In our health and community development projects, we use our hands to physically demonstrate love, care and compassion to those we meet.

By God’s grace, we believe we can do more, with your help. We have new plans for 2019 that would benefit greatly from your financial support.

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The unreached are listening

At Jesus’ baptism in the gospel of Luke, the Father spoke from a cloud, “This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.”

In the Arabic-speaking world and beyond, Yusra, Salma and many others are already listening to the words of Jesus and experiencing the care and compassion of believers.

Together, with your prayer and support, we can help more people to hear Jesus’ voice and to experience the gospel of hope.

Thank you for standing with us and for considering how you can help us do more in 2019.


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* The names of the radio station and the individuals have been changed for security reasons.
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