Hana’s Journey to Jesus through the Ephraim Project

Like all her Middle Eastern peers, Hana grew up knowing all about her religion. Her father is a teacher at the local Islamic school. Her mother adheres well to the tenets of that faith and wishes for Hana and her siblings to do the same. 

While growing up, Hana heard about the Injil (the Arabic name for the Gospel of Jesus) and developed a fascination with its stories about Jesus. She knew some religious leaders deemed the book untrustworthy, but their dogmatism only increased her interest.

Recently one of our Ephraim Project volunteers has been talking to Hana via one of the social media channels we use to help young people like her to improve their English.

Hana and our volunteer Angela have struck up a friendship online. And over time, Angela has been able to answer Hana’s questions about Jesus and the Injil. 

One time after a private conversation, Angela sent Hana a short allegorical video about a man who was set free from a dark, colourless prison cell into a world of living colour.

Hana watched the video. Later, she messaged Angela and told her that she thought maybe Jesus had set the man free. Wondering, she then said to Angela, “Maybe I am in a jail?”

Please pray for Hana. Pray that she will discover Jesus and become His follower. Pray that God will protect her and give her wisdom to discern the truth, and the courage to step forward in faith. 

To find out more about how you can volunteer with the Ephraim Project,  join us online for our next Q&A Zoom meeting in Spring 2024. Contact us here to register your interest.

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