Come all you who are Thirsty

In one village in Africa, an entire family gave their lives to Jesus because of a clean water well installed by one of our mission partners.  

Five years ago, an NGO dug a well in the village, but in order to get water from the well, people were required to attend a place of worship for a major religion. 

As a result, one particular family was denied use of the well because they were idol worshippers. 

But when Reach Beyond helped to put in a well in the village just one mile from the first well, it was announced that this one was for everybody.

This family was so touched by our love to everybody that they started to attend the small church that our partners planted near the well. 

Last time they went there to teach sanitation lessons, they found that the whole family now attend the church and have burnt all their idols!

This testimony is so powerful in the village that the other place of worship also decided to announce that their well is now for everybody.

But in the meantime, those who were only attending that place of worship to get water, stopped going there and came to take water from our partner’s well.

Now, once a week the pastor goes to the well and shares the Gospel with the women there.

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Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat!

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