Monday, April 24, 2017
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What does AUDIOPOT do?

Within Audiopot you'll find over 3000 audio items, including award-winning material from the UK's top Christian radio production groups. All of this audio is available to preview and download from the Internet free of charge. Most of the material in Audiopot is designed to challenge a non-Christian audience, and consists of thoughts, interviews, features, vox pops, drama, faith stories and Christian commercials, all of which are creative, thought-provoking and rarely longer than 3 minutes.

Who is AUDIOPOT for?

  • Radio Producers working on commercial, BBC, hospital and student radio stations around the UK - many of them download audio to use on their radio shows, while others use the site to gain a wider audience for their material.

  • Teachers in UK schools and colleges - a lot of the audio includes humour, yet also raises important moral and religious issues, ideal for use as discussion starters in the classroom.

  • Churches - the audio available on the site fits well into a multimedia service, or can be used to enhance a message in a small group setting or a youth event.

Can I join?

Yes! As long as you'll be using the audio material in a church, a classroom or on the radio you can register for FREE.

Click here to go to the Audiopot website

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