Monday, April 24, 2017
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Sources of Funding

Reach Beyond’s water projects are funded from three different but important sources and the keyword here is partnership. The communities where we work provide two of the funding sources in the form of their own finances and then also their time and labour. We refer to this as ‘sweat equity’!

The third and crucial partner for funding projects is you. Communities are ready and willing to work to improve their health but simply do not have the financial resources to purchase all the materials and equipment necessary to complete the task.

Your partnership with us can make a life or death difference as we work alongside these motivated communities.


An entire water project for a community may cost from £6,000 to more than £50,000 for a large village. Breaking that down into smaller amounts is sometimes helpful. Here are some examples of the cost of materials from Ecuador:

  •  2,500 litre (500 gallon) water tank = £300

  •  Complete house water connection to the network = £100

  •  Water meter = £25

  •  6 metres of water pipe = £10

  •  Tap = £5

How to give

If you, your family or your business would like to give to this life-transforming ministry, click the button below to make a donation on our Just Giving page. Don’t forget to fill out the Gift Aid section if you are a taxpayer. If you'd like to support Reach for Water regularly, click here to download a standing order form. Make sure you indicate that your gifts are for 'Reach for Water'.

Fundraising Ideas

You and your community may want to consider running an event to raise funds for water projects. This is a great way to link your local community with others around the world.

Here are some ideas that other Reach For Water supporters have been involved with. Feel free to develop your own too!

Harvest offering

Could your church make a water project the focus of this year’s harvest celebrations? You could use one of the Reach For Water videos and we can send you special printed flyers, stickers and bookmarks for this purpose.

Sponsored events

Could you, your church, your school or your Rotary Club do a sponsored walk, run or other imaginative fundraiser? You could use the title “How far would you reach for water?” Go to our Just Giving page and click 'Fundraise for Campaign'.

Sunday school collections

Kids love seeing a jar fill up with money when they know it will make a difference to the lives of other kids around the world. Again we can provide resources to help.

Family celebrations

People have supported a water project in lieu of gifts for anniversaries and special birthdays. We can send you a unique gift certificate.


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