Monday, April 24, 2017
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Internet Outreach

Internet Outreach








Jesus is changing lives online.  Modern communication channels make it possible to take the gospel pretty much anywhere, even into areas where missionaries can’t go or traditional broadcast media is cost prohibitive.  In these cases, Reach Beyond is working with partners to develop streaming Internet programming that proclaims the Good News.

Amazingly, Internet access is available in some of the poorest parts of the world.  Internet cafes and satellite Internet hubs are springing up in slums, remote communities, and some places you would least expect.

In Latin America, there are millions of young people in their teens and early 20’s who are dealing with abuse, abandonment, poverty and a host of social issues.  The last place they are looking for help is the established church.  But through programs like Control Z, Reach Beyond is engaging these people with the hope of Jesus through communication channels they use in a ways that uniquely relate to their circumstances.

In Eastern Europe, the cost to obtain traditional radio licenses is just not feasible in some cases.  Reach Beyond supports partners in establishing Internet based broadcasts that can be done at very little cost in comparison to developing radio stations.  In addition, this kind of programming is very effective in reaching younger audiences and sparking interaction around real-life issues and the how the gospel relates to them.

As technology continues to improve and the reach of the Internet increases, even into unlikely places, Reach Beyond will use the technology that people use to introduce them to Jesus in languages, formats and programs that relate directly to the issues they struggle with.  And by equipping local partners to develop the technology and programming, Reach Beyond multiplies the work and ensures that it is culturally relevant and spiritually powerful.


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