Monday, April 24, 2017
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Radio Planting

Radio Planting


In most places of the world there is little or no Christian radio. Reach Beyond works alongside indigenous believers in some of the most unreached nations to plant local FM radio stations in their communities.

Our missionary teams of radio station planters work in partnership with Christian leaders to bring the first Christian-run radio station to their city, village or region. The love and hope of Jesus Christ is transforming these places as people hear the gospel for the first time, in their language, from their people. This scenario has played itself out in nearly 500 communities in over 100 countries.

The stories are remarkable. For instance, at one station in Thailand, a Buddhist country, an antagonistic listener kept calling and complaining about the programming on the station. He wasn’t happy with all the Christian content. Volunteers from the station realized that this was actually one of their most loyal listeners, so they visited him to hear him out.

Their intent was to have the opportunity to share why they talk about God so much on air.  During the visit they were able to share the gospel message with him and that day he committed his life to Christ.

In another country, a church planter approached Reach Beyond about helping plant stations throughout his Muslim nation. Over the past several years, our team has worked with this partner to put over four dozen stations on the air. And, as a result, 1,700 churches have been planted. On some days, up to three people come to Christ through each station. God is growing the ChriNew radio station presentersstian church in this country through these community FM stations.

For eight years, Dr. Joe had the dream of starting a Christian radio station to broadcast the Good News to the people he was treating in his hospital in a remote area of the Congo. He knows that when his patients leave the hospital and return home, he will probably never be able to tell them about Christ again.

Dr. Joe partners with Reach Beyond in our healthcare work, and in January 2014 his radio station dream became a reality. Dr. Joe received a broadcast license, and our team of missionary engineers came to his village and put the station on the air. Not only do the people in area villages experience the love of Jesus through the hospital staff, but now they hear about the Saviour on the radio long after they leave.

For Reach Beyond, radio station planting is a multiplying ministry. The stations we build are always tied to larger local work that is being done in the community. Whether it be medical care, church planting, discipleship, evangelism, community development, or a variety of other ministries, local radio plays a specific role in the bigger picture.

For just £15,000 to £18,000 a community FM radio station can be built and put on the air, providing continuous ministry throughout the area. These stations are fully owned and operated by the local people and are self-sustaining once they sign on the air.


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