Monday, April 24, 2017
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English Conversation Project

The English Conversation Project

Five days a week a daily 15 minute audio programme which uses a special English method of broadcasting, called Specialised English, is broadcast. The programme is available on radio stations across the world, online, and on Apple and Android Apps. Specialised English makes the programme easier for many people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.

Spotlight Listener Club

We use:

  • fewer words (a vocabulary of 1500 words 

  • slower speed (about 90 words per minute, or half the normal speaking speed

  • shorter sentences

People use the programme to help with English, but it is a real radio programme, not just a lesson.

What is the programme about?

You will hear Specialised English programmes about many different subjects from around the world.  We cover a variety of topics including arts, culture, science, technology, health concerns, relationships, human rights, and world issues. The goal of the programmes is to communicate the love of Jesus. For this reason, the programmes talk about things that Christians believe without criticising things that other people believe.

Who Makes the programme?

The programmes are made by a team of Christian men and women from all over the world. They are produced in the UK and the United States.

English Conversation Clubs

People have used imagination and invention to make the best use of these Specialised English broadcasts.

Reach Beyond has developed English Conversation Clubs. The clubs provide a place where listeners can meet to use and improve their English. At a club meeting, people listen to a Specialised English programme and then discuss it, in English.

The first clubs were in Ecuador, Latin America, but now the idea is spreading and there are new clubs starting across the Asia/Pacific region, in places such as India and Thailand.

The clubs are run by local communities, often in churches. English Conversation Clubs can be a great service in a non-English speaking community. The programmes and resources are free and being a club leader does not require ESL training or teaching experience. The programme audio, script pages with line numbers, activities, instructions and more are all provided. Some of Reach Beyond's materials have been adapted for use among immigrant communities in the UK and the USA.

There is a great demand for English Conversation Clubs but there are insufficient leaders in all countries. Therefore Reach Beyond had developed Internet English Conversation Clubs - these are virtual audio-only clubs held over Skype. A leader can be in one country and club members will be in a different country.

If you are interested in setting up a local club or an internet club, contact us for more information.


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