Monday, April 24, 2017
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Work Teams

Work Teams

Work TeamReach Beyond work teams spend 2-3 weeks on a specific, usually very practical, project. For example, helping to provide a clean water supply for a remote village in Ecuador,  or constructing a medical clinic in Africa. There are also many opportunities for service with national churches and ministries with which Reach Beyond are partnering. Relevant skills or experience are not necessarily needed, but a willingness to work hard and serve the local community is essential.

You can participate in a work team in one of two ways:

As an individual. Approximately once a year the UK Office organises a work team. Contact us for details.

As a group. If your church would like to offer a group to work on a specific project, contact us to discuss the possibilities. For example, previous groups have undertaken decorating, building and refurbishment projects or worked on a clean water project .

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